Paintings and decorations

Pitture e decorazioni Paintings and decorations Our company performs works of paintings and decorations building exteriors and interiors as:

  • Venetian plaster
  • towel, spatula, glazing, faux marble
  • plasma 3D
  • gold, white gold, pure gold
  • wallpaper, resins
  • wall-ceiling cornices, rosettes, plaster columns, capitals
  • more...

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Siloxane paint for exterior ... why?

When it has to do with exterior wall paint products, you must take into account two basic factors:
moisture, which acts in the form of water vapor through the painting and weathering to which it is subjected constantly, which cause the gradual deterioration.
Then the optimal characteristics for a painting from the outside shall be breathability and water resistance.

The films of varnish / paint in fact often are subject to moisture because of cycles Frost, or acid rain, due to the high presence of pollution, especially in large cities, which facilitate the disintegration of the topcoat or even the formation of mold, moss and bacteria, which affect the facade and deteriorate the upholstery.

But the rains are not the only problem.
Even dampness has great preponderance in the preservation of a facade; penetrates from the aquifer or condensation, reaching even to create micro-cracks, which often aggravate with time, with swelling and peeling, also abundant pictorial films.

But there are some solutions on the market that combine painting the two main characteristics for the conservation of an external façade.
The siloxane paint, obtained by mixing the classic products resin obtained by the polymerization of silica. A macromolecule that is formed from a mineral compound and inorganic.

Aesthetically, the siloxane products occur once dried, as a water-repellent microporous material, but that, on the one hand, enables the migration of the vapor contained in the support to the outside, on the other hand prevents the drops of rain and moisture to penetrate inside the masonry.