Finestre In Italy there is a new trend in construction: the return to the wood.

Always building material par excellence, the undeniable gifts, decorative and insulating earthquake, has been used for years as a luxury decoration in the years of concrete, glass and aluminum.

We offer a wide range of windows in laminated wood that combine elegant harmony, quality, beauty at extremely competitive prices.

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When you are preparing to purchase the home windows or change existing ones there is a problem: buy them in wood, PVC or aluminum?
Let us briefly what are the advantages and its disadvantages associated with the use of these materials.

Wooden windows
The wood is definitely the material that is best suited to any context and in more guarantees a good thermal and acoustic insulation. But because the finished product is very strong and durable over time it is necessary that the material has been dried to well and for the time necessary and treated with resins that make it waterproof.
Wooden windows are assembled with edges in solid wood or laminated.
The window made of laminated wood ensures a particular stability and is formed by the longitudinal cutting of thin plates (called lamellae). All varieties of wood can be potentially used to obtain the lamellar, but generally you opt for the timber is not particularly expensive, easy to find and suitable for bonding.
Traditionally it is used instead of solid wood windows and doors to achieve. However, it requires expert hands. Among the species of wood used to get there is solid chestnut and pine.
Both the lamellar solid wood are subjected to protective treatments from ultraviolet rays and inclement weather.
For what concerns the finishing of wooden window frames this can be realized with transparent paints if you want to get a more natural effect or with colored paints.

Pvc windows
The pvc windows are weather resistant, corrosion, UV rays and long-lasting. The pvc guarantees an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation and can be realized in various finishes. If it is treated with acrylic resins assumes an appearance very similar to wood.
The pvc consists of an assembly of hollow profiles with a steel structure that makes the frame more stable. Moreover, the corners of the windows in pvc are heat sealed so that the fixture is free of joints, in short, a single body. In addition, the elastic seals placed on the jokes make the window pvc waterproof.
Another advantage is that this frame does not require special maintenance, just wipe it with a damp cloth or a sponge to always be perfect and requires no painting or whatever.

Aluminum windows
The aluminum, such as PVC, is certainly the most widely used material today. Aluminium has the advantage of being non-deformable, corrosion-resistant and weathering. It can also be worked in order to take on a similar appearance to the wood.
The aluminum is machined so as to obtain sections of the tubular section in which are placed the "rooms", ie the longitudinal ribs and fins abutment that guarantee a perfect closure.
Furthermore, between the inner section and the outer are introduced separators consist of two strips of polyamide (plastic material reinforced with glass fiber) so as to ensure a good thermal insulation, it is called thermal cutting.
The windows can then also be made of aluminum and wood. In these, the wood that forms the supporting structure is coated with metal or pvc. The coating material can be aluminum, bronze, copper, pvc. This system is characterized by having the appearance of wood together with the technological advantages of the new materials.